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Thank you for taking the time out to reach out to me and for visiting my Blog.

I am open to Blog sponsorship, Advertising and collaborations.

I offer advertising options, and I am always very happy to
work with any brand.

Kyra Knows Best (KKB) gives you the exposure you need. Online publicity on the go! 

Blog posts and banner ads placement are great ways to tell the world about your organisation, brand, products, services, events, and celebrations.

 To advertise, kindly contact me through this number +2347061858923 or email

Advertising Options

1.  Sponsored Posts: Send us your post about your brand/product/service and it will be published.

2. Banner Ads: These are very simple. They are clickable pictures and GIFs that goes on the sidebars, headers and footers. I sell banner ad spaces of any size! 

3.  Social Media Mentions : It’s just as easy as it sounds. I do social media mentions on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. for details on sizing and pricing or for any other questions.

Looking forward to doing good business with you all...


Kyra .O. Taylor


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